The Winery

Visit our estate for an Atlantic Canada boutique wine tour
Domaine de Grand Pré Founder Hanspeter Stutz, seated at the fountain beside our vineyards.

Domaine de Grand Pré Founder Hanspeter Stutz, seated beside the fountain beside our vineyards.

Whether you’re touring Atlantic Canada or Nova Scotia, or you’re a native Nova Scotian looking for an interesting day trip, Domaine de Grand Pré has so much to offer.

Within minutes of your arrival, our friendly staff will make you feel right at home. We’ll invite you and your family to relax and stroll leisurely across our beautifully landscaped grounds, where you’ll pass row upon row of grapevines.

Afterwards, sip a glass of our fine Nova Scotia wine while dining at Le Caveau Restaurant, or relax on our pergola – a lovely terrace with a breathtaking view of the Bay of Fundy.


Estate Vineyard

Growing distinctly Nova Scotian grapes

We’ve taken a fresh approach to producing top quality Nova Scotia wines. While most modern wineries have adopted the trend of producing ‘Old World’ wines like Chardonnay, at Domaine de Grand Pré we believe Nova Scotia should develop its own varieties, styles, and vineyard procedures that will thrive with our local soil and oceanic climate. Our property has followed this practice by partnering with Agriculture Canada to develop hardy Nova Scotia grape varieties.

Come by and stroll rows upon rows of vines. You’ll never forget the beauty of Domaine de Grand Pré!